# Welcome to Walling

Walling is the AI-powered tool to organize your ideas and present your work. Unlike linear and restrictive tools, at Walling, we've been thinking outside of the box, presenting you with a new visual solution that will help you be more productive and present your ideas in an engaging and stunning way.

The experience of Walling is like a staircase where first steps are easy to take but you can keep climbing for additional power. The Help Center will help you learn about all the powerful features Walling offers.

# How can Walling help me?

With a visual experience and AI by your side, Walling can help you get organized, become more productive, and go from an idea to a full project faster. No overwhelming setup steps or tons of options to choose from, we have designed Walling to provide a truly productive experience.

The way you organize and present your work can have a big impact on how others perceive it. You can use Walling to share and present your ideas on beautifully designed pages called walls.

You can start a new wall now to:

  • Collect, organize, and present your ideas.
  • Generate ideas and drafts with Walling AI.
  • Manage tasks and projects.
  • Create stunning walls to share your work, sales pitch, project proposal, or project plan.
  • And much more!

# Beauty meets function

Walling gives you beauty and functionality. Who says your wall full of ideas and tasks can’t be pleasing to your eye, inviting, engaging, yet simplistic and desirable to get things done. We have put a lot of effort into the design details of Walling because we believe beauty is a function.

# Get started

Get started by learning about the walls.