# Section Filter

If you are working on several ideas or tasks within a section and you need to keep track of ideas/tasks with specific tags or assigned to your team members, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at times.

The section filtering feature allows you to manage your ideas and tasks more efficiently. Section bricks can be filtered by tags, assignees, due dates, or even brick colors.

To add a filter to a section view, click the filter icon at the top right of the section. Set the filter options and click the Filter button to apply and save the filter.


The section filter is saved per section view and it will stay in place until you dismiss it.

# Filter Options

There are 4 main filters you can filter by, Tags, Assignees, Due date and Brick Color. You can use a single filter or multiple filters.

# Match Any or Exact

You can use multiple filters and you can have the results highlight bricks that match any of the filters, or you can have the results highlight bricks that match all the filters exactly. You can change how the filter behaves by clicking the Match Any or Match Exact option.

# Show or Hide Matches

All the matching bricks will be highlighted by default, but you can set the filter to hide the matching bricks instead. For example, if you are managing tasks and want to automatically hide tasks tagged "Published" or "Cancelled", you can select these tags in the filter and set the filter to hide matches. When one of these tags are added to any brick in the section, it will be automatically hidden.

You can set the filter to show or hide matches by clicking the Show Matches or Hide Matches option.

# Clear Filter

To clear the section filter and view all the section bricks unfiltered, click the filter button at the top right of the section and select Clear Filter.

# New Bricks in Filtered View

Walling will automatically apply the section criteria when you add a new brick to the section while the filter is on. For example, the new brick will be automatically tagged by the filter tags and assigned to the filter assignees.

# Update Brick in Filtered View

If you update a brick in a filtered section, such as removing a tag or changing the brick due date, and the brick no longer matches the section filter criteria, it will be automatically hidden. You can clear the filter or change the section view if you need to access the hidden brick.