# Walls

No more boring documents or restrictive tools. Say hello to the wall, the new visual medium that offers the flexibility to organize and display all the details of your ideas in an engaging and stunning way.

# Create your first wall

Click the + New Wall button in the sidebar to create a new wall, or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘/CTRL + J

# Get started with your wall

You can start with blank wall, choose a wall template, or let Walling AI generate your wall content.

# Icon & Description

Start by giving your wall a name. Select a wall icon to make the wall stand out and easier to find in the sidebar.

You can also add a description to your wall by clicking the wall options icon next to the wall name and selecting Add Description.

# Add your first brick & section

The building blocks of the walls are Bricks that are organized in Wall Sections.

  • To create a brick, simply double click anywhere in a section, or right click in a section and choose the type of the brick you want to add.
  • To create a section, click the + New Section button at the bottom of any section.
  • You can easily move a brick from one section to another with a simple drag and drop.

# Customize

You can customize the design and settings of your wall. Click the customize icon next to the wall name to open the wall customize panel.

# Wall cover

Enable the wall cover option to add a cover photo to your wall. To select a cover image, hover above the wall cover and select Change cover. Our integrations with Unsplash or Giphy allow you to choose from millions of free photos and GIFs. You can also set a solid color for your cover or upload your own image.

# Reposition cover

Hover above the wall cover and select Reposition. Click and drag the image to adjust its position. When you are done, click Save position to confirm.

# Resize cover

Drag the cover image from the bottom to adjust its height.

# Remove cover

Hover above the cover image and select Change cover. Click Remove image to remove the wall cover.

# Further customization

You can also upload a logo, change the wall background, fonts and more! Learn more here.

# Share & Collaborate

Your wall is private by default but Walling is built to be super collaborative. Whether it is presenting ideas, managing tasks, sending files and references, or sharing work updates, Walling's visual experience and ease-of-use make it ideal for collaboration.

You can invite someone to your wall to collaborate with you, or you can publish your wall to the web to share it via a link with anyone. To learn more about the wall sharing and collaboration features, visit the Invite & collaborate page, or the Publish to the web page.

# More

# Wall chat

You can add comments to any brick item, but for high level conversation, you can use the wall real-time chat. Click the chat icon next to the wall name to open the wall chat panel.

When new messages are added to the chat, a red dot will appear on the chat icon to notify you.

# Favorite

To pin a wall in your sidebar, you can favorite it by clicking the star icon next to the wall name or you can click on the wall options icon and select Add to favorites.

# Duplicate

To duplicate your wall and reuse its content or use it as a template, simply click the wall options icon and select Duplicate wall.

You can link between your walls by copying the wall link and pasting it in another wall. Click the wall options icon and select Copy link to wall.

# Export

The wall sections and bricks can be exported to a linear/narrative layout. The available export output formats are PDF, HTML, Markdown and JSON. To export a wall, click the wall options icon next to the wall name and select Export Wall.

# Archive

Instead of deleting a wall, you can archive it and it will be moved to the Archive section at the bottom of the sidebar. To archive a wall, click the wall options icon and select Archive Wall.