# From ideas to reality in seconds with AI

Simply ask Walling what you want to organize or manage, and watch it generate ideas, tasks, images, tables, and all the content you need in seconds.

# How is Walling AI different from other AI productivity tools?

Walling AI is not just another wrapper of ChatGPT that only offers ready-to-use prompts. It goes beyond content generation by providing a structured medium of designed pages, tables, boards, and calendars. This allows you to organize, manage, and present your work in seconds. It is a powerful tool that can truly enhance your productivity and unleash your creativity.

# Does Walling AI cost additional charge from Walling Premium?

Nope! Upgrading your Walling account to Premium gives you unlimited AI credits at no extra cost.

# Is there a free trial for Walling AI?

Yes, you can use Walling AI for free. Your Walling free account includes complimentary AI credits to test the capabilities of Walling AI before deciding to upgrade to Premium.

# Get started

You can generate walls, sections, bricks, or images.