# Tags

Tags allow you to label, categorize and filter your ideas and tasks. The tags don't only give you an extra layer of information at a glance, they also help you filter and sort your bricks. You can use tags in many different ways, you can tag bricks to categorize ideas by subject, prioritize and label tasks, or organize bricks by teams.

# How to tag a brick

  • To add a tag to a brick, click the tag icon at the top of the brick, or click the brick options icon and select Add Tags. Start writing to filter your tags and hit Enter to select a tag and add it to the brick.
  • To remove a tag from a brick, hit the Backspace key while editing the brick tags, or click the x icon next to the tag name to remove it from the brick.

# Table/List view tags

# Create a new tag

To create a new tag and add it to a brick, simply type the tag name and select Create [Tag Name].

# Edit a tag's name and color

Click on the tag to edit its name and color. Coloring your tags adds visual context to your bricks and enables you to visually categorize your tags.

# Manage your tags

You can find and search all your tags and organize them within folders by clicking on the Tags button at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • To delete a tag, click the options icon next to the tag name and select Delete Tag.