# Invite & Collaborate

Walling is built to be super collaborative. Whether it is presenting ideas, managing tasks, sending files and references, or sharing work updates, Walling's visual experience and ease-of-use make it ideal for collaboration.

# Invite someone

You can invite a team member or a guest to your wall.

# Invite team member

To invite a team member in your team workspace, simply click on the member name to invite them. The access levels ensure that they access the wall exactly the way you want them to.

  • Full access: Members with full access can edit the wall, add/edit bricks, add comments and share the wall with anyone.
  • Can edit: This access level allows the invited wall member to edit the wall, add/edit bricks, add comments but they cannot share the wall or generate a public link.
  • Can comment Select this level of access for members who should only have the ability to add comments but cannot add/edit bricks or share the wall.
  • Can view This access level will allow the invited member to only view the wall. They won't be able to add comments, add/edit bricks or share the wall.

# Invite guest

If you need to invite someone outside of your team to your wall, you can invite them as a guest by entering their email address. Guests cannot have Full access to the wall.

# Real-time Collaboration

When combined with the visuality and structure of the walls, Walling takes real time collaboration to a whole new level. You and your team can organize ideas and manage tasks in different sections, plan an entire project and ensure everyone is on the same page (or wall 😉), all in real-time.

# Remove member

To remove a member or a guest from your wall, click the access level next to their name and select Remove member.