# Shortcuts & Tips

# Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse enables you to work faster and more efficiently. To view all the available keyboard shortcuts in Walling, press ⌘/CTRL + ?, or click on your profile picture at the top right and select Keyboard shortcuts.

# Quickly add a new brick

The easiest way to add a new brick to your wall is double-clicking or right-clicking anywhere in a section. This also allows you to decide where you want to place your new brick in a section.

# Drop & Paste Images

There are multiple easy ways to quickly add images to your wall.

  • Simply drag and drop the images to your wall.

  • If you need to copy an image from a web page, right-click on the image and select Copy Image, you can then paste the image to your wall using the keyboard shortcut ⌘/CTRL + V.

Adding a bookmark to your wall is as simple as pasting the bookmark link directly to your wall using the keyboard shortcut ⌘/CTRL + V.

# Checklist item note

To add a note to your checklist item, press SHIFT + Enter.

# Hide The Sidebar

To hide the sidebar and get more space and focus for your wall, click the arrow at the top of the sidebar or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘/CTRL + \.

# Rearrange brick items

The items inside the brick can be rearranged by clicking and holding the six dots icon on the left of the item to drag it up or down or move it to another brick. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ⌘/CTRL Shift ↑ or ⌘/CTRL Shift ↓ to move the item up or down.

# Scroll horizontally using the mouse

Scrolling horizontally in a wall section such as the Kanban view or the Table view is not an issue using the trackpad, but if you are using a regular mouse and need to avoid wasting time scrolling down to find the horizontal scrollbar, you can hold the Shift key down while you operate the scroll wheel to scroll horizontally.