# Section Board View

With the section board view, you can visualize your workflow using a board of stacked bricks to manage tasks or develop your ideas. You can click and drag bricks to move them between different columns or reorder them within a column.

# Add New Brick

  • To add a new brick at the bottom of the column, click the + New Brick button at the bottom.
  • To add a new brick at the top, click the plus button next to the column title.

# Resize column

Who said boards can only be used to manage tasks? At Walling, we are always thinking outside the box to provide you with more options for visualizing your ideas. The width of the board columns can be resized, giving you the flexibility to not only manage tasks but also organize and visualize your ideas in columns.

Hover over the right edge of the column until a gray line appears, hold and drag the line to resize the column.

# Change column color

The color of the line beneath each column title can be changed. Click the column options icon next to the column title and select the color you'd like to use.

# Column description

You can add a description to a board column. Click the column options icon next to the column title and select Add Description.

# Rearrange columns

To rearrange a column, click and hold the six dots icon next to the column title and to drag it left or right.

# Hide columns

If you need to hide specific columns, click the section settings icon next to the section name and switch off the columns you'd like to hide.

# Scroll horizontally using the mouse

Scrolling horizontally in the Board view is not an issue using the trackpad, but if you are using a regular mouse and need to avoid wasting time scrolling down to find the horizontal scrollbar, you can hold the Shift key down while you operate the scroll wheel to scroll horizontally.