# Generate walls with AI

Starting with a blank wall can be overwhelming, and while choosing a wall template can be helpful for a kickstart to your project, it might not be perfectly tailored to what you need. Thanksfully, with Walling AI you can generate a wall for what you need to organize or plan in no time. Simply ask Walling what you want to organize or manage, and watch it generate ideas, tasks, images, tables, and all the content you need in seconds.

# Provide more details for more tailored results

You can ask Walling AI to Plan a marketing strategy for a restaurant. However, if you want more customized results, you can provide additional details in your AI prompt. For example, Plan a marketing strategy for a restaurant located in NYC. Include target audience, content marketing, budget and performance tracker.

# Just a starting point

Using AI to generate your wall is merely a starting point for your project. To further develop your ideas and plan your project within your wall with AI, you can generate sections and bricks