# Comments

You can communicate with your team on your wall in real-time by adding comments to specific text, images or any brick item.

# How to add a comment

To add a comment to a brick item, click the options icon next to the item and select Add comment. Write your comment and click the send icon or hit Enter to add it.

# Mention a wall member

To mention a wall member, click the mention icon , or simply type @ followed by the member name and hit Enter to select the member you want to mention. Mentioned members will receive email and in-app notificatons.

# Edit & Remove Comments

To edit or delete your comment, click the options icon next to the comment and select Edit comment or Remove comment.

# Resolve discussion

To mark a discussion as resolved, click the options icon next to the brick item or the comment and select Resolve discussion.

# Image comments

To maintain a neat and visually appealing arrangement for your images and moodboards, the comments associated with each image are displayed within the full preview window of the image.